Steering Gear

Problem: A large riding mower manufacturer asked Capitol Stampings if we could reduce lead time and machining hours that they were experiencing on a cast steering gear with the possible further benefit of cost savings.
metal stamping and machined steering gear
The Capitol Solution…
Our engineers jumped on the challenge and re-designed the part as a stamping, being careful to maintain all of the critical dimensions necessary for form, fit and function. The result (as shown in the picture) proved to exceed all of the challenges. After 500 hours of rugged testing in the worst of conditions, the stamped steering gear showed no changes in dimensions. The stamped version was customer accepted, and hard tooled. The cost was reduced by $7.50 per piece. There were additional savings in shipping costs because the redesigned part is much lighter as well as warranty claims as the stamped part was more rigid and less brittle than the old cast unit, resulting in more life.
Let Capitol’s engineers put their ideas to work for you.