Scag Depends on Heavy Duty Pulleys from Capitol Stampings

scagSince 1983, Scag Power Equipment, a division of Metalcraft, has been manufacturing “Simply the Best” in commercial mowers. From the beginning, Capitol Stampings has been Scag’s provider of choice for pulleys.
Scag is an excellent example of Capitol’s emphasis on partnerships. “Capitol Stampings supplies us with high quality pulleys for our commercial grade lawn mowing products. Their engineering staff gives us the support we need to develop the type of product that is required,” says Dave Sugden, Scag Power Equipment.

scag2Capitol works closely with Scag, using what it learns to engineer and assemble products that meet and exceed Scag’s commercial strength requirements. Through engineering expertise, quality products and assembly capabilities, Capitol focuses on bringing Scag the product they need at a reasonable price.

As Capitol changed owners in 2005, the partnership with Scag continued to strengthen. “We’ve seen improved production and processes along with a renewed commitment to engineering and support, and to learning about our equipment and the needs we have in our segment of the marketplace. That being commercial product and how that differs from residential product.”

freedomCapitol has also expanded its engineering focus into future product development that will result in even higher quality pulleys and assemblies, or to do so more cost effectively than what is currently available. “They are willing to make adjustments to meet our needs. Whether it’s tooling changes or working with their suppliers to determine ways to make a better pulley. We’ve worked jointly in these efforts,” notes Sugden. “We take their concept and design, and field test it. Together we learn what works and what doesn’t.”

For Sugden, Capitol’s commitment to service and quality goes beyond engineering expertise and value-added services. “Delivery, purchasing and managed inventory are also very important to us. Capitol keeps a pre-determined amount of inventory ready to ship to us. Using the KanBan ‘trigger-pull’ system, we are able to purchase product and keep our production lines stocked without a lot of unnecessary interaction,” says Sugden. “I consider Capitol a first-rate company to work with.”


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