Our name is Capitol Stampings for a reason – We excel at metal stampings!

Since 1945 the lifeblood of our business has been custom metal stampings. Over the years we have earnestly invested in people, processes and machines to constantly improve ourselves for the sake of our customers. As such, we have established ourselves as a leader in our industry.

Our 181,000 square-foot metal fabrication facility has been the site of much of that innovation and improvement. Our capabilities provide a platform for a broad range of custom stamped components. We have the most advanced equipment in the business and are constantly improving on that high bar.

Capitol’s metal stamping equipment ranges from 90 to 1000 ton presses. Precision metal stamping processes include progressive, transfer and secondary tooling options. We offer steel, aluminum, and stainless steel sheet metal stamping. We offer feed capabilities for our stamping presses ranging up to 42″ wide, and we can stamp material over 3/4″ in thickness. Our facility houses multiple progressive die stamping lines, as well. Due to our diversity, we can manufacture low to high volumes.

Dedicated to Quality

In addition to our speed and volume capabilities, our manufacturing process is dedicated to unprecedented quality. Electronic sensing ensures part quality as well as protecting your tooling investment. This stamping platform is supported with extensive in-house tooling expertise and a staff of manufacturing engineers who are dedicated to finding the best solution for your part needs. They work closely with your company to determine the critical features and needed tolerances for your part(s). Once those are identified our production team will work to build the right production line to produce the best metal parts for you!

We have worked with many large companies to produce everything from sprockets to pulleys to component assemblies to gears. In each case, our job wasn’t done until we had finished out the parts to our customers’ satisfaction. Through our partnership with our sister company, we can also provide powder-coating, wet painting, or E-coating. We also have two different paint-stripping processes that are environmentally friendly and safe for the parts.

Check it out!

Did we mention that we have been ISO 9001 certified since September 2000?

Check out our stampings capabilities at any time. Call and arrange for a tour and meet the many people that will be dedicated to your satisfaction!

Some examples of stampings we do are: