Communication is the Key

Communication during the design phase is the key to a successful fabrication run. That’s why we give priority to providing a knowledgable and innovative engineering team to our customers from the very beginning of the process. Capitol Stampings is committed to giving our customers both engineering expertise and onsite technical problem solving that delivers manufacturing efficiencies at every step along the way.

custom metal stamping

Committed to Teamwork

We work with you to identify critical features. Our team will ensure that quality can be built into your product and repeatability during the fabrication stays active throughout the entire process. It’s not enough for you to get some quality parts; we want every part coming off the line to be identical to the one before it! We will work with your staff to learn about your product and its application. This guides us in determining which technologies will best serve your needs. The prints do not always tell the entire story. Every product is unique; determining the best path to follow requires communication between our customers and us. We want to know everything we can about your part or prototype so that we can anticipate your needs before you know you have them!

We Go The Extra Mile For You

We have a strong commitment to providing you with the best product possible! Capitol Stamping does extensive product testing and evaluation, helping to find the best solution for you. We can prototype your part and run it through extensive testing before we even begin your fabrication process. In addition to our extensive knowledge of the industry, we have invested in some of the best tools on the market to help us help you. Among the tools in our arsenal is a Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine, which allows us to take precise measurements of your part or prototype. We also invested in the equipment and training necessary to implement a “rapid prototyping” process. This process brings you a hands-on model of your part that can be subjected to testing before we determine a final design.

custom metal stamping

Whether it is sheet metal stamping, sprockets, or a machined part, our engineering team can take you from concept to reality with a sharp focus on both quality and efficiency. Not only will we provide you with a well-engineered prototype, but we will determine the most efficient process to fabricate your part. Our engineering team is not only focused on parts and prototyping, but they are also integral to our shop floor planning. Our team will continue their work to bring you the best quality part by determining the best and most efficient method to fabrication your part. From simple stamping to a complex fabrication system, they will find the best and most economical process for you.

Engineering For Your Future

Let the best in the business help you to engineer your next part! Capitol Stampings will provide you with the most expertise for the best price in the industry. We only succeed if you do!