When it comes to metal stampings we are the experts

Our capabilities provide a platform for a broad range of custom stamped metal components.

Capitol’s stamping equipment ranges from 90 to 1000 ton presses. Metal stamping processes we provide include progressive, transfer and secondary tooling options. We offer feed capabilities ranging up to 42″ wide, and we can stamp material over 3/4″ in thickness.

Electronic sensing of our metal stampings ensure part quality as well as protecting your tooling investment. Due to our diversity we can manufacture low to high volumes. This stamping platform is supported with extensive in-house tooling expertise.
Because of this tooling expertise and know-how, Capitol can offer cost savings to customers in a variety of ways. For example:
We can design tools that eliminate the need for broaching.
Capitol can incorporate in-die fastening processes in our tools, eliminating secondary operation costs.
We can design and build in-die transfer systems for cost effectiveness.
Capitol stamped parts can be coined and embossed.