Many people claim they can manufacture precision metal stampings, but we know there is more to it than just getting a good die. Precision starts with the design of both the component and the tool, and it also includes sourcing good raw materials and the ability to ensure the raw material meets your specifications.

We can even talk about using the right machines, correctly setting up the machine, a maintenance program that keeps components in spec from the first to the last part​ and let us also include good material handling practices, so a good piece at the press does not become a bad part during transportation.

While we maintain quality at the source, we also keep a top-notch quality department staff with highly accurate measuring equipment to verify your parts are right the first time as well as confirm our processes remain robust to produce high-quality parts for you consistently.

We produce this high quality for low to high volume parts on-hand fed, robot fed, or roll-fed presses. Our presses range from 90 to 1,000-ton presses. Our precision metal stamping processes included progressive, transfer, and secondary tooling options. We can handle material up to 42” wide and up to ¾” thick. We most commonly stamp steel, stainless steel, and spring steel.

We utilize electronic sensing to ensure part quality as well as protecting your tooling investment. Are you worried about tooling support? You have access to our extensive, in-house tooling expertise plus support from our in-house tool room.

Need more than just a stamping? We offer a host of secondary services including welding, finishing/coating, assembling, kitting, and bar code labeling.

Because you want more, we should also let you know we are ISO certified, work with a variety of inventory systems (VMI, Kanban, pull systems, as well as good old fashion POs), and engineering support for your stampings. Some of the largest companies in the world trust us with their stampings, and you can trust us too.