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Precision metal stamping is our promise to you!

If you are looking for a manufacturer of stamped parts, you can find what you are looking for at Capitol Stampings. We manufacture metal stampings for small businesses and yet proudly serve as a premier supplier to several multi-billion-dollar companies. Whether you need small batches of metal parts or you need high volume production from progressive dies, we have you covered.

We produce this high quality for low to high volume parts on hand-fed, robot-fed, or roll-fed presses. Our equipment ranges from 90 to 1,000-ton presses. Our precision metal stamping processes include progressive, transfer, and secondary tooling options. We can handle material up to 42” wide and up to ¾” thick. We most commonly stamp steel, stainless steel, and spring steel.

Many companies claim they manufacture precision metal stampings, but we know there is more to it than just getting a good die. For us, stamping begins long before a die touches metal. We work to ensure that we understand the parts you need fabricated and then we put processes in place to consistently give you the quality you need.


Well Begun is Half Done

Precision starts with the design of both the component and the tool, and it also includes sourcing good raw materials and the ability to ensure the raw material meets your specifications. We start by ensuring the raw materials we use are exactly what you need before we begin producing any stamped parts. After stamping, we also ensure any secondary operations are also keeping the high standard expected by you and your customers.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, so our whole team constantly scrutinizes our manufacturing process to better fabricate your parts. The term “Total Productive Maintenance” (TPM) is an important concept in the manufacturing world. The core of TPM is to empower operators to proactively perform preventative maintenance on their own equipment, which will ultimately improve productivity. This team effort ensures that equipment and dies are always working well, improving the quality of the parts produced. This concept flows down the line, even including our shipping department ensuring that the packaging is properly done to prevent damage to the parts in shipment. The point is this, we consistently deliver high-quality parts at a great price point because we look at “beyond components.”

While we maintain quality at the source, we also keep a top-notch quality department staff with highly accurate measuring equipment to verify your parts are right the first time. We continually confirm our processes remain robust to produce high-quality parts for you consistently.

We utilize electronic sensing to ensure part quality as well as protecting your tooling investment. Are you worried about tooling support? You have access to our extensive, in-house tooling expertise plus support from our in-house tool room.

precision metal stamping

Quality Continues Beyond the Production Line

Do you need more than just metal stamping services? We offer a host of secondary services including welding, finishing/coating, assembling, kitting, and bar code labeling. These are done in-house or with manufacturing partners who are just as dedicated to your satisfaction as we are.

We know when we take a holistic view, we can eliminate waste throughout the whole system. It is our continuous improvement and “beyond components” focus that allows us to bring work back to the US without tariffs or asking you to just swallow outrages prices to say it was made in America.

All of this is backed up by the best sales and customer service staff in the business! Our offices are open all regular business hours with friendly and dedicated folks who are ready to help you.

We believe doing things a little better today than yesterday is going to continue our growth trend as more businesses learn what Capitol Stampings can do for them. So, if you are looked for a stamped parts manufacturer, be sure to ask for a quote from us too. You may just be surprised by how we can help you.