Welcome to our website! You might have noticed our tagline “Beyond Components” and wondered what does that mean? At Capitol Stampings we believe in providing the best possible business solution to make us both successful. Let me outline some of our capabilities to show you what I mean.

  • Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to produce products from low to high volumes
  • Bar coded serialization provides product traceability from raw material to finished goods
  • Punch press capacity up to 1000 tons with back up capability for most presses
  • Technologically advanced – utilizing robotic press tending systems
  • Power product expertise with pulley and sprocket applications
  • Capable of handling extensive stamping programs both new and existing
  • Inventory management programs to ensure timely deliveries
  • Assembly capabilities reduce your SKU’s
  • Ability to outsource both locally and internationally

CSgreetI invite you to visit our modern 181,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the near future. You will also find a lot of other information on our website including our other two companies Steel Craft Corp. and Hartford Finishing

Thank you,

Gary Wenzel
Capitol Stampings Corp.
“Beyond Components”