We are happy to provide progressive die stamping as one of our primary services. With coil feed presses from 110 to 1,000 tons, we can handle most progressive stamping most. Here is a list of our coil presses for progressive stampings:

Coil Presses
• 1000 ton coil or robotic 132” X 60” (1)
• 550 ton 98” X 61” (2)
• 440 ton 98” X 61” (1)
• 250 ton 106 X 37” (2)
• 200 ton 57” X 35” (3)
• 150 ton 50” X 34” (2)
• 110 ton 39” X 30” (1)
• 800 ton 42” X 48” (1)
• 220 ton 51” X 34” Direct Drive Servo (1)

We are always evaluating and maintaining our equipment to ensure continuous uptime meaning we are a stable source in your supply chain. We understand the proper maintenance of our equipment, as well as your tools, is a significant component in ensuring you receive consistent, high-quality parts, and it naturally flows out of our continuous improvement methodology.

Just as importantly, whether you have experience with progressive die stampings already or not, our in-house team can help you design tools that will give you the lowest total overall lifetime costs with an eye for the high quality you need to be built right into the parts.

With our tooling expertise and know-how, Capitol Stampings can often provide cost savings to progressive stamping customers. For example:
• We can design tools that eliminate the need for broaching.
• Capitol Stampings can incorporate in-die fastening processes in our tools, eliminating secondary operation costs.
• We can design and build in-die transfer systems for cost effectiveness.
• Capitol Stampings’ stamped parts can be coined and embossed.

We also have a highly experienced quality assurance team, who can help you through issues like tolerance stacking, raw material choices, and more. We want to be your long-term partner, and we understand, in today’s competitive marketplace, we need to be more than just a stamping house.

Are you looking for progressive stampings and fabrications? We can handle any secondary processes for your stampings, so you only have to rely on one supplier to make your component complete from start to finish.

Always focusing on solutions for your needs, we are continually marching to a drum calling for higher value delivered to your door. It sounds a lot for just progressive die stamping…and it is! Isn’t that what you want from your progressive stamping company though?
Along with the experience we can share with you, we can also provide secondary operations like assembly, painting, and more. Call us today to find out how you can meet your progressive stamping goals through a partnership with Capitol Stampings.