Robotic – Resistance – Automatic

More ways Capitol can add value to your product.

Capitol’s welding capabilities are diverse and add value to our components.

Robotic welding
Resistance welding (manual and semi-auto)
Auto mig weld-arounds
Should you need additional welding work done, we can call upon our sister company to enhance our work flow. Through this alliance we offer the following resources:

13 Robotic Welding stations

The majority of our Robots have multiple cells.

Close tolerance welding to within .0030 with excellent penetration.

We custom build our weld fixtures in-house giving us great flexibility and insuring your critical dimensions will be met.


Consistent, High Quality Welds, Faster Turnaround.

Lower Costs to our Customers and On-Time Deliveries.

Our Robots are used on a wide variety of materials, including: Stainless Steel, Aluminum and High Strength Alloys.