Powder – E-Coat – Wet

PowdergunThrough our sister company we can offer unparalleled finishing opportunities. Highlights of our facility include:

  • Powder Coating
  • E-Coating
  • Wet Paint
  • Paint Removal
  • 170,000 square foot facility
  • 12 loading docks
  • Environmentally controlled paint storage with over 500 colors in stock
  • Reverse Osmosis water treatment equipment
  • Complete quality control lab equipped with salt spray booth, impact tester, color match booth, gloss meter, thickness gauges, and mandrel bend tester
  • Complete assembly area – UL certified, electrical and mechanical assembly, custom packing and sorting, and silk screening
  • Wet Paint Line – Iron Phosphate high pressure or steam clean / air dry

Powder coat painting

PowderPowder Coating is the application of a plastic resin and pigment to a surface in a uniform thickness. Special application equipment fluidizes the powder, gives it an electrostatic charge, and broadcasts it toward the grounded surface.

Once the powder has been applied, the powder is then heated (time and temperature varies) and the plastic resin will melt and liquefy. It will then chemically and mechanically adhere to the surface, and cure before it comes out of the oven. This results in a smooth, attractive, durable, and scratch resistant coating.

Why choose powder coating over other coating or plating processes?

  • The process is environmentally safe.
  • An endless variety of colors, finishes and formulations.
  • High UV protection.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Cost effectiveness.

Line 1 – 48″ wide by 64″ high by 9′ long

Line 2 – 28″ wide by 62″ high by 8′ long – Nordson CK Booth with 6 automatic guns and 2 manual guns

Line 3 – 21″ wide by 72″ high by 14′ long

Line 4 – 39″ wide by 76″ high by 10′ long – Wagner Super Tech with 8 automatic guns and 2 manual guns with Automatic Reclaim

Line 5 – 52″ wide by 72″ high by 9′ long – Nordson Color Max with I control. 10 automatic guns, pretouch-up booth with 2 manual guns

Line 6 – 24″ wide by 36″ high by 5′ long

Wet Paint

As a value added option, we can offer a wet paint spray booth for large weldments or heavy plate material. Our knowledgeable painters will give you the best possible finish.


  • High Pressure Iron Phosphate Wash
  • Steam Wash
  • Air Dry

E-coating / Electro-coating Line

We offer the ability for two e-coat colors, epoxy or acrylic.

ecoatWe have partnered with PPG in using their Powercron 6000 epoxy primer CX semi-gloss black e-coat. PPG is not only the leader in E-coating products, but the Powercron 6000 sets the industry standard and is approved for several large manufactures.

Our system was designed and installed to exceed US Government and US Military Standards TTC 490. The 13 stages of pretreatment ensures the highest quality, durable finish on your parts. Salt spray hours are supported in the ranges of 1000 to 1500 salt spray hours. Call us for more information.

Paint removal system

In addition to our chemical stripping capabilities, we have available a Thermo Fluidized Sand Bed Stripping Machine. Unlike normal Thermo stripping, the fluidized sand removes the paint, but also gently scrubs the parts clean at the same time. There are no hot spots in this process, so there is no damage to parts due to the equal heat dispersion throughout the sand bed.

This process can be used to remove compounds like PVC, PTFE, Rubber, Powder Paint, Wet Paint, or any other organic compound. The process is cost affective, and environmentally-friendly. No toxic chemicals, and no hazardous waste is generated from this process.