We have been the “go-to” for stamped metal sprockets since 1951!

Stamped Sprockets originated with Capitol Stampings

Capitol Stampings is the originator of the stamped metal sprocket dating back to 1951. From the start, our company has been focused on producing better parts at a lower price.  In the early 1950s, we looked to see how we could use the sheet metal stamping process to provide sprockets for the growing lawn care industry. Prior to our innovation sprockets were cast out of metal. We introduced a faster and more cost-effective way to produce them by utilizing our state-of-the-art stamping facility to create the first stamped sprockets.

machining sprockets

Optimized for a Growing Demand
One of the first things we had to do was to experiment with how to produce these in a way that would make them usable and durable.  These stamped sprockets have a minimum breakout as a result of a stamped shaving process that removes die breakout and squares the tooth profile.  We utilized a coined-tooth lead-in feed for the sheet metal that promotes a denser grain structure, making the metal stronger.  We also have the ability to case-harden the sprockets for increased durability according to your specifications. To reduce the cost to our customers, we have worked hard to ensure that differing bore size modifications will require minimal tooling. Due to our extensive machining capabilities, we are able to handle numerous chain, pitch, and material size considerations.  Our 180,000 square-foot facility can handle a variety of order quantities.  All of this and we add to it the extensive training given to our experienced technicians that make our facility produce the best quality parts in the business!
Become one of the Many Companies We Serve
We started our company with a focus on the lawn and garden industry, but over the years we have deepened our experience and widened our market!  Our sprockets are now used in the cycle, exercise, agricultural, industrial, conveyor markets…just to name a few.  Click HERE to see currently tooled sizes.  In addition to sprockets, we produce spindles, pulleys, gears, throttle assemblies, and more!  Check us out and give us a call.  We would be happy to talk about your needs and how we can make your solutions a reality for the best quality and price in the industry.