Capitol Stampings wants to be your steel pulley supplier!

We’ve been in business since 1945, making a wide variety of items, including one of our specialties, steel pulleys. If you are looking for a company to help you design and manufacture a new pulley or a new company to produce your current stock, we are your best choice!

We go “Beyond Components” as a leading steel pulley supplier.

Steel pulleys are a big part of our business and we take them very seriously. Our engineering team is always experimenting and testing to find a better product. They will work with your own engineering team to ensure that the product we produce for you meets or exceeds your needs and standards. As a leading steel pulley supplier, we provide rapid prototyping services that will allow us to prove out designs and assure project accuracy. We can complete a rapid prototyping project in days versus the usual industry process that can take many weeks. Even if we aren’t the ones that eventually produce your part, we still provide these services in keeping with our “Beyond Components” philosophy.

We provide a variety of different steel pulleys.

Throughout our many years in business as a steel pulley supplier, we offer a diverse platform of drive and idler pulleys custom engineered for your specific application. We offer two different types of steel pulleys within that array.

• Stack Steel Pulleys: Our mainstay over the years has been the welded stack pulleys. These pulleys offer a low-cost option for your needs. There are a wide variety of sizes, materials, and configurations, including v-groove and double-stack. There are also multiple hub styles available.
• Split Steel Pulleys: The “newest” option is our Split Steel Pulley, which was designed with the intention of reducing belt roll and breakage by splitting one piece of steel which allows for a seamless 100% belt contact. This pulley also has a vented design to reduce the deck weight, allow for increased air circulation and decreased grass build up. We began supplying this type of steel pulley many years ago to greatly reduce warranty costs in the lawn and garden industry. The problem was the traditional stamped and welded pulleys could not always handle the demanding application of high-speed mowers.

At Capitol Stampings, our knowledgeable Sales and Engineering teams will work together with you, our customer, to determine which of our hundreds of different steel pulley options will fit your specific application requirements. As a leading steel pulley supplier, we proudly go “Beyond Components” by working with you, our customer, to build a product that meets or exceeds your application requirements.