What is sheet metal stamping? One of the mainstays of metal fabrication is the sheet metal stamping of parts. Whether you are building something as small as a mailbox or as large as a service body, you need sheet metal parts that are cut and formed to your purpose.

Sheet Metal Stamping Defined

Sheet metal stamping is the procedure used to transform flat metal sheets into specific shapes. Stamping uses a process based on permanent deformation of the metal at room temperature, using high pressure or speed to produce a variety of complex three-dimensional shapes. Tensile forces with high ratio of surface area carry out the process to the desired thickness. There are a variety of different methods that can be used in sheet metal stamping depending on the needed end result. Capitol Stamping has in-house experts who can help you determine which methods will best suit your individual needs.

Options During Fabrication

During the sheet metal stamping process several other options can be added, including in-die fasteners and punching. In-die fasteners are connectors for other parts that is built in to your part. Punching refers to the process of creating holes in sheet metal for any one of a variety of purposes, such as a ventilation grill. Another option is the coining or embossing of the parts fabricated by us.
progressive die stamping
We also have a highly experienced quality assurance team, who can help you through issues like tolerance stacking, raw material choices, and more. We want to be your long-term partner and we understand in today’s competitive marketplace we need to be more than just a stamping house.

Choose Capitol Stampings for Quality Work

We ensure we are focused on solutions for your needs and our passion for continuous improvement means we will always advance toward higher quality at affordable prices. It sounds a lot for just sheet metal stamping…and it is! Isn’t that what you want from your sheet metal stamping company though? Along with the experience we can share with you, we can provide secondary operations like assembly, painting, and more. Call us today to find out how you can meet your goals through a partnership with Capitol Stampings.