Why multi-source?

Capitol Stampings offers a diverse platform of drive and idler pulleys custom engineered for your specific application.  Stamped, split steel or composite pulleys are the production options considered for optimum performance.

Split Steel Pulleys

  • Split steel pulley’s from 3” to 11” diameter
  • Double stack pulley’s
  • “F” idler split steel pulley’s
  • Multiple hub styles available

Click below to view the tooling that already exists for split steel pulleys:
Split Steel V-Belt Drive Pulleys

Idler Pulleys

  • Flat idlers
  • V groove
  • TOX® construction
  • Riveted
  • Brazed

Click below to view the tooling that exists for idler pulleys:
Idler Pulleys – Flat
Idler Pulleys – V-Belt
Split Steel Flat Idler Pulleys
Composite Idler Pulleys

  • Precision molded glass filled nylon
  • Precision ground sealed, pre-lubricated bearings
  • Resists oils, gasoline, fertilizers and many acids

Click below to view the tooling that exists for composite pulleys:
Composite Pulleys – Flat Idler
Composite Pulleys – V-Idler